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Français 9

French 9 Culture Project

Your culture project and presentations will be due by June 15th.  Below is the handout you’ve already been given.  Click on the link to see criteria.


French 9 Culture Project



Quiz: Aller + le futur proche

Blocks B + D vendredi le 13 avril

Block F lundi le 16 avril




Au restaurant

Quiz de vocabulaire: Block F – lundi le 12 mars         Blocks B & D – mardi le 13 mars

les présentations:  Block F – mercredi le 14 mars      Blocks B & D – jeudi le 15 mars


French Restaurants

Le Cochon Dingue  au Quebec  www.cochondingue.com

Vieux-Port Steakhouse    http://vieuxportsteakhouse.com/en/ourmenus/

Montreal Poutine      montrealpoutine.ca

Aux Anciens Canadiens (Quebec’s oldest restaurant!)   http://www.auxancienscanadiens.qc.ca/en/index.htm

Café St-Malo    http://www.lecafesaintmalo.com/?lang=en




Watch  the following videos to find out some important french phrases to use when ordering



Vidoe #2




Quiz: les verbes en “RE”

Blocks B & D: mercredi le 24 janvier

Block F: jeudi le 25 janvier


L’histoire du chat

Quiz de vocabulaire

B & D: lundi le 4 décembre

F: mardi le 5 décembre

story re-tell

B & D mercredi le 6 décembre

F: jeudi le 7 décembre



Vive le rap!!!

Quiz de vocabulaire #2

Bloc B & D mardi le 31 octobre

Bloc F mercredi le 1 novembre



les présentations

Bloc B & D jeudi le 2 novembre

Bloc F vendredi le 3 novembre


















Français 8

French Culture Project

Your projects and presentations will be due by June 15th.  Below is the handout you’ve been given.


French 8 around the world Culture Project


Quiz: Winnie et le verbes en “ER”

Blocks G + H lundi le 16 avril

Blocks A + C mardi le 17 avril


Quiz: les verbes en “ER”

Blocks G & H – mercredi le 14 mars

Blocks A & C – jeudi le 15 mars


Quebec Culture Project!

Due dates:  Blocks A & C – Thursday Feb 22nd

Due dates: Blocks G & G – Monday Feb 26

Official web-site of Carnaval de Québec: https://carnaval.qc.ca/home

Tourism web-sites for Quebec City:   quebecregion.com/en          OR           villequebec.qu.ca

Cool French Restaurants in Quebec City:

  • paillard.ca/en
  • http://www.cochondingue.com/home
  • http://lechicshack.ca/en/
  • http://www.entrecotesaintjean.com/en/menu/beers-and-cocktails/
  • http://www.st-hubert.com/salle-manger/grande-allee.en.html?l=quebec+city


Assignment hand-out with criteria:

Carnaval Culture Project



Quiz des adjectives

Blocks A & C: Wednesday, January 24

Blocks G & H: Thursday, January 25

Qui est-ce? C’est un célèbre mystérieux!

Mystery Celebrity Assignments must be presented

Blocks A & C: Friday, January 26th

Blocks G & H: Monday, January 29th


Qui est-ce?

15 sentences (on both sides!).  You must translate all the clues to english, and then try to guess who the mystery celebrity is!

Due: Blocks G & H – Wednesday, January 10

Blocks A & C – Thursday, January 11th



Les adjectifs

The practice work on adjectives is due next class!!!

Blocks A & C – jeudi le 14 décembre

Blocks G & H – vendredi le 15 décembre


Quiz: être

Blocks A & C – mercredi le 5 décembre

Blocks G & H – jeudi le 6 décembre

Be sure to review: I am, You are, He is, We are, They are…..



ALL the practice pages on our new verb être are due next class!!

Mme Armstrong will do a homework check and we will be marking your work.

Blocs A & C:  mardi le 28 novembre

Blocs G & H: mercredi le 29 novembre


L’histoire de Gary

All three questions pages on the story are due to hand in next class!

Bloc G & H: mardi le 14 novembre

Bloc A & C: mercredi le 15 novembre



Oral questions: telling about you!

Bloc: G & H mardi le 7 novembre

Bloc A & C mercredi le 8 novembre


L’histoire du chat

Quiz de vocabulaire

Bloc G & H mercredi le 1 novembre

Bloc A & C jeudi le 2 novembre


Story written re-tell

Block G & H vendredi le 3 novembre

Block A & C lundi le 6 novembre

Advisory – Division 7

Welcome to Ms. Armstrong’s Advisory!

I hope you are all looking forward to a great year at Mount Slesse like I am!

At Mt. Slesse our Advisory Schedule is as follows:

Monday:  Check-ins, organization

Tuesday: Homework or Silent Reading

Wednesday: Lessons & Discussions

Thursday: Homework or Silent Reading

Friday: Fun activity day