TERM 1 (2013/14)

Mathematics 8 and Science 8 are grouped by class. In other words, a student will have the same classmates in Mathematics as in Science. This allows tremendous flexibility of instruction. For example, if a Mathematics unit is being taught, it may make sense to work on the unit each class (every day) sequentially until the unit is completed. Conversely, this same flexibility allows for a series of Science lessons and labs to run sequentially.

Mr. Awrey will update this page as new units are started, and approximate unit dates will be given. It is the responsibility of the student to record all assignment due dates in the student agenda or on a personal electronic calendar (ie: phone/laptop/iPad). Class time is awarded daily for this very purpose. Assignment due dates and downloadable assignments will not be recorded on this web service.

UNIT #1 ( 04 Sept – 15 Nov )
Cells and Cell Theory
Assignments will be added sequentially as unit progresses…..
Assessment includes:
Characteristics Of Living Things Lesson Notes
CYU – Pg. 6 #4
Plant/Animal Cell Structures Lesson Notes
Plant/Animal Cell Diagrams
Cell Structure Worksheet
Microscope Diagram
Cell Quiz
Microscope Textbook Student Notetaking
Lab #1 – Compound Light Microscope
Lab #2 – Plant Cells
Chapter 1 Open Notebook Examination